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Support to human rights defenders and CSOs in the area of promotion of human rights and development

MNE 169

PROJECT TITLE : Right on time – Support to human rights defenders and CSOs in the area of promotion of human rights and development of democratic political culture

DONOR : European Union through program EU and Montenegro Government for employment, education and social welfare


BUDGET:  625,016.00 €    (EU 500,000.00  – Government of Montenegro 125,016.00 €)

DURATION : December 2022 – May 2025


Overall objective of the project is contribution to the protection and promotion of the human rights and democratic political participation through the support of the civil society organizations and the development of the enabling environment for their work.  Specific objective is to increase the role and strengthen capacities of the CSOs active in the human rights protection and democratic political participation
Expected results: Strengthened capacities of at least 20 CSOs through the implementation of the sub-granting scheme; increased capacities of the CSOs through a series of trainings and other capacity building activities; Increased cooperation between CSOs, state bodies, local bodies, donors, media and other stakeholders in relation to human rights and democratic participation.
Main activities : Establishment of the Technical Committee; Designing of the sub-granting scheme; Development of the Application Package; Development of the Grant Management Package; Publishing and promoting the open call; Organization of info sessions; Providing written feedback to applicant`s project proposals; Providing continuous mentorship to the supported organizations; Organization of in-house trainings for each grantee; Assessing the needs of the CSOs working in the area of human rights protection and the democratic political participation; Organization of three training courses for at least 24 organizations followed by intensive mentorship; Follow up to trainings.
Establishment of the Platform of CSOs active in human rights protection and democratic political participation;  Continuous meetings and the advocacy activities of the Platform; Organization of one Donor Forum; Organization of the Human Rights Day celebration;  Implementation of the raising awareness campaign


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