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Help presentation at the European Projects Fair in Kruševac

Help, as in previous years, participated in the European Projects Fair as an organization that implements European projects. The fair was held on June 8th at Petrović Castle Park in Kruševac.

Help’s Lejla Hadžijusufović and Jovana Božović presented to the visitors the projects implemented by Help, funded by the EU  – currently  even two in collaboration with the partner organization Juventas – and giving away interesting promotional materials.

For 25 years of operation in Montenegro, the German humanitarian-development NGO Help has implemented numerous projects funded by the EU, contributing to the social inclusion of the most vulnerable categories of the population. At the moment, as we are hoping to enter in the finalization of negotiations between Montenegro and the EU, such projects have particular significance in terms of aligning with EU human rights standards.

More than 40 organizations and institutions participated in the European Projects Fair, presenting around 200 projects. The fair was opened by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Dr. Nina Drakić, and the Minister of European Affairs, Maida Gorčević.

European projects are not just financial support but a key component of our path to a more prosperous future. They enhance our knowledge, bring innovations, and open opportunities for collaboration with partners across Europe. Through these projects, Montenegrin organizations, institutions, and companies become part of a larger community that shares values, goals, and a vision for the future,” said Ms. Drakić.

Minister of European Integration, Maida Gorčević, emphasized that “the projects fair provides an opportunity to directly present the results of projects funded by the European Union and draw public attention to all the benefits these projects bring to our citizens.

As she emphasize, with the support of the European Union’s pre-accession funds, Montenegro has been actively implementing projects for over 17 years that directly contribute to the sustainable development of our country and improve the standard of living for our citizens. Starting from the fields of health, education, social inclusion, and environmental protection, to the development of tourism and the preservation of cultural heritage, the projects bring multiple benefits in numerous areas.

Projects also allow us to collaborate with neighbors and all EU member states. Thus, within the framework of European territorial cooperation programs, through mechanisms such as Interreg, Montenegrin institutions and organizations have the opportunity to implement projects together with colleagues from the broader region, thereby exchanging good practices, addressing common challenges, fostering good neighborly relations, and contributing to regional stability,” said Ms. Gorčević.

The head of  the EU integration negotiating team highlighted that for Montenegro, “which has decisively set out towards full membership in the European Union with the 44th government, the projects funded by the European Union play a crucial role in the process of European integration.



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