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Empowerment through literacy for Romani and Egyptian women


17 women, from the Roma-Egyptian (RE) population in Podgorica, attended a literacy course organized by Help as part of the “Inclusion and Economic Empowerment in the Western Balkans” program, funded by the German Government.

Dijana Anđelić, director of Help for Montenegro, awarded diplomas to the participants who completed the course and talked to our fellow citizens about the practical significance of basic literacy in their lives. As these 17 women, who for various reasons never had the opportunity for basic literacy, have told her, after acquiring the basics, they are more than interested in for going above this level of knowledge and  continuing with literacy.

Education is a fundamental prerequisite for improving the socio-economic and cultural status of Roma and Egyptians, as well as their integration into society. The educational level of the RE population in Montenegro is low, although efforts have been made in recent years to change this through non-formal education supported by non-governmental organizations and institutional support. This mostly relates to efforts to ensure regular enrollment and attendance of RE children in school, as well as advanced education for those who have completed elementary school.

However, we must not forget the women from the RE population who have never even had the opportunity for basic literacy. Knowing how to read and write at a basic level is a fundamental human right, which will, at least partially, although not nearly enough, facilitate the daily functioning of these fellow citizens.

We believe that every step taken towards empowering women from the RE population is invaluable for the essential inclusion of this community – and literacy is the first and elementary step.

Therefore, Help supports literacy programs through various project activities.

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